Ayano Tsuji and the ukulele

Ukulélé, Ayano Tsuji
While the Japanese music industry is largely dominated by J-pop, a genre of music in which one would hardly ever suspect the use of a ukulele, one artist is the exception. It is Ayano Tsuji, a Japanese performer and composer who combines J-pop and ukulele, and who fascinates with her mastery of the instrument.

Who is Ayano Tsuji?

Ayano Tsuji is a Japanese artist and composer. Other than that, Ayano Tsuji is both writer and performer. Ayano Tsuji was born on January 6, 1978 in the city of Kyoto, Japan. She is currently one of the most notable artists with a talent for the ukulele. Moreover, it is the choice and use of this musical instrument that is the originality of the Japanese artist. It was during 1998 that Ayano Tsuji began his career. She is still active until now, completing her career as a J-Pop artist and jazz vocalist.

Ayano Tsuji, an exceptional artist

It is thanks to the ukulele that Ayano Tsuji stands out in his musical genres, notably Japanese pop (J-Pop) and jazz vocal. Indeed, this instrument of Hawaiian origin does not seem, at first glance, suitable for these musical genres. Especially since in J-Pop or vocal jazz, it is not very common to see an artist playing a ukulele.

The Japanese artist's beginnings with this instrument seem to explain this particular choice. While still in high school, Ayano Tsuji showed a great interest in folk music. However, the young Japanese artist was unable to play the guitar because of her too small hands. So she decided to switch to the ukulele, which suited her hands well, but also her musical talent. Ayano Tsuji quickly became attached to her ukulele. She continued, and continues to this day to make her music and demonstrate her talent with this instrument.

If the J-pop singer has stood out in her music, it is not only thanks to her choice of instrument! Indeed, apart from his amazing ability to accompany his voice with a ukulele in a musical genre where it would seem highly improbable, Ayano Tsuji is also characterized by his insistence on excluding all Western and Americanist influence from his lyrics and his music.


Since her debut and her debut album "Uraraka" in 1998, Ayano Tsuji has released 11 albums in total. Among her achievements, 15 singles (including the famous “Kaze Ni Naru” in 2002) and 2 DVDs. Despite her low profile, Ayano Tsuji is also present on YouTube, where she publishes her music. She currently has over 12,600 subscribers on the platform, and her talent is admired by fans around the world.

In 2002, Studio Ghibli released the Japanese animated film "The Kingdom of the Cats". It was by performing the main theme of this work, the song "Kaze Ni Naru", that Ayano Tsuji was best known, and a little more famous in Europe. Although she does not get much publicity like other contemporary artists, Ayano Tsuji is blessed with great talent and is one of the best artists playing the ukulele.


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