Doddleoddle, UK star

Also known as Dodie Clark with Dodie as her stage name, Dorothy Miranda Clark is a young artist who makes the most of the opportunities offered by various online platforms and social networks. She exhibits more specifically her talents and her passion for music. As well as being a singer-songwriter and songwriter, this straight-up UK star is also a famous YouTube personality. His channel currently has more than 1.5 million subscribers with 166 million views of his videos.

Biography of Dodie Clark

Dorothy Miranda Clark or Dodie Clark was born on April 11, 1995 in the United Kingdom, in Epping, Essex. Performer, actress and at the same time video maker, the talented young woman has made herself known thanks to videos of covers of musical titles played on the piano and ukulele. A good start that prompted him to compose his own songs. On its main YouTube channel, more than 160 videos have been posted up to February 2019, including 1.8 million subscribers and more than 250 million views recorded. Recall that Dodie created her first channel on February 7, 2011 where she published her first video of the song Rain. The latter immediately seduced the ears of Internet users. Likewise, Dodie Clark has a VEVO channel known as dodieVEVO and a secondary channel known as doddlevloggle.

Doodleoddle: Dodie Clark's personal channel

As mentioned above, star Dorothy Miranda Clark made her debut on her first YouTube channel. She actually decided to create her main personal channel to which she gave the sweet name of "Doodleoddle" to share her love for music to all followers of this universe. After some time of strong presence on this platform and other media, Dodie Clark was given up on her first EP which she herself uploaded. His debut EP titled Interleaved, released on November 18, 2016, nearly reached number 35 on the official UK album charts. And this, even during the first week of its release. His second EP, released on August 11, 2017, started at No. 6 on the UK's Official Albums Chart in addition to placing 55th on the US Billboard 200.

To demonstrate her talent in the field of music, Dodie Clark posted a video on her YouTube channel. An appearance in which Dodie Clark makes it very clear that in her previously posted content she had put some lyrics from her future composition. A piece obtained at the end of the composition of a specific rhythm to amaze both music lovers and amateurs in this environment. Of course, on this next sound: Arms folding ", Dorothy Miranda Clark will make sure to sing the lyrics in their correct note and melody.