Eddie Veder and the ukulele

The ukulele has always been one of Eddie Veder's favorite instruments. He was already playing it when he was still a member and guitarist of the American grunge band Pearl Jam. Along with the cencerro, harmonica, accordion and sitar, the small Hawaiian guitar even became a mainstay of his compositions when he joined the group Temple of The Dog. The ukulele is indeed heard in many titles of the latter. Eddie Veder has also dedicated an entire album to this musical instrument which has always fascinated him.

The "Ukulele Songs" album, a tribute to the ukulele

Released in 2011, the album "Ukulele Songs" was an immediate hit from the start of its launch. For Eddie Vedder, the rock star singer of Pearl Jam, it was a real challenge to achieve compositions that are accompanied only by a ukulele. And yet, driven by his admiration for the traditional Hawaiian instrument and his success as a soloist, he did not hesitate to take the plunge.

Admittedly, Eddie Veder has always been an avid ukulele player. He is familiar with the instrument and its specificities. He played it for years before using it in his shows. The release of the album "Ukulele Songs" is therefore a completely normal step although the songs are quite original compared to other compositions of the artist.

The creation, as the name suggests, is a tribute to the ukulele. The choice of this instrument is by no means the result of chance. Eddie Vedder wanted an instrument that he could easily handle and that allowed him to create a melancholy style. The rendering of the association between the ukulele and the artist’s raw voice is simply phenomenal as we can see through some cult songs such as "Can't Keep" and "Dream a little Dream". Satisfied with this result, Eddie Vedder did not hesitate in his interviews to advise everyone to own a ukulele and learn to play it.

Learning to Play the Ukulele: Secrets of Eddie Veder

Those familiar with the ukulele may have noticed that the Hawaiian-born instrument is not played in the traditional way on Eddie Veder's "Ukulele Songs" album. The rhythm of the compositions is quite complex even if the chords are quite classic (although well fleshed out). The choice of this style is quite logical when you know the artist's musical preference and his great career as a soloist.

For those who wish to learn the ukulele and who want to be inspired by the Eddie Veder style, the best approach is to first work in a simple way 4 chords and a rhythm (as on the track "Society"). By gaining speed and flexibility, the player can then play two rhythms by adding some effects or even by performing a part of solo picking.


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