George Harrison and the Ukulele

The ukulele is a musical instrument that is increasingly played and much appreciated by musicians these days. Since its inception, this small instrument with its distinctive look and sound has indeed allowed a song to add a unique and personalized touch. And that, George Harrison understood it well by adopting the ukulele as the flagship instrument in his musical journey. This former member of the Beatles had indeed a singular attachment to the musical instrument that is the ukulele.

Who is George Harrison?

Born February 25, 1943 in Liverpool, George Harrison is a British artist known to have been the youngest member of the Beatles group. Coming from a modest family living in a difficult part of Liverpool, George Harrison, still known as the "calm Beatle", took only a few years to become the guitarist of the most famous group of his time. Living a more than exceptional life, this great artist initially trained to become an electrician was in a few years one of the richest and popular musicians in the world. Along with his childhood friend Paul McCartney, also a member of the Beatles, George Harrison was passionate about the ukulele. They even contributed to the popularization of this instrument among the general public, by performing songs on the ukulele during their show. Thanks to George Harrison and Paul McCartney, the ukulele has been a resounding success and is played more and more by both music lovers and professionals working in this field. Death on November 21, 2001 in Los Angeles, George Harrison has lived, so to speak, 58 years of succession of unforgettable and at the same time difficult moments.

George Harrison: a true ukulele lover

George Harrison is what he sounds like a musician curious about new sounds to add the finishing touches to his works. He even found an incredible passion for the ukulele, and he even became a collector of it in addition to being a skilled player of this small instrument. According to him, this musical instrument of Polynesian origin is well worth playing by everyone. Because of its practical size, the unique sound it produces, the ukulele is indeed an easy instrument to learn. Both beginners and experts in the world of music can play this little gem with just a few learnings. Particularly light, the ukulele is also a portable instrument that makes it easy to take it wherever you go to learn how to play it. Note that this is how George Harrison was able to master the techniques of the ukulele, the instrument that reflected his gentle and hopeful mentality. After George Harrison’s death, his friends considered the ukulele to be the best way to pay homage to this outstanding musician. An act which materialized in the uke interpretation of "I see you in my dreams" by Joe Brown at the end of the concert performed in tribute to George Harrison at the Royal Albert Hall.

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