Grace VanderWaal, America's Got Talent

Famous for her talent, Grace Vanderwaal was 12 when she appeared on the music show "America's Got Talent". Coming straight from a town in upstate New York, the little singer left jurors and internet users speechless after her stunning performance. An appearance that she accomplished brilliantly with her ukulele in hand. Read through this article to learn more about this star in the music world.

Who is Grace VanderWaal?

Grace VanderWaal was born on January 1, 2004 in the small town of Suffern, New York. This is an artist who stood out for her incredible performance during America's Got Talent, under the very eyes of the four judges who are: Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Mel B. To put it simply, Grace VanderWaal amazed the jurors with her young age, but also with her originality. And for good reason, the little girl of that time dared to present an original song called "I don’t Know My Name". An interpretation recognized as being a real feat and a rarity in this show where people tend to offer unique services. Little known, if not unknown until then, Grace VanderWaal began to sing, accompanied by a ukulele. A few minutes which made the audience and the judges present in the hall dream with the captivating melody, the intelligent texts, the so mature and at the same time expressive voice of Grace VanderWaal.

A few words about Grace's journey after her first appearance on America's Got Talent

In 2016, aged 12 and already dedicated to a very promising musical future, Grace WanderWaal made a memorable show on the stage of the famous American show. The originality of her musical performances comes more especially from the fact that she composes on the ukulele. From that moment, Grace VanderWaal was the new star of social networks and the web. Posted the same day it aired on NBC, it took a very short time to garner 4 million views on the young artist's YouTube video. But still, 54 million subscribers were recorded on the social networks of the latter, in particular on Facebook. On Twitter, many fans wanted to show him their support for the next stages of the game.

With a YouTube channel, the irresistible charm of Grace VanderWaal continues to be valued. She performed a second time as part of the show's quarterfinals. A moment during which, she presented another of her original pieces: "Beautiful thing". Once again, Simon Cowell took the words out of his mouth when he saw the immense talent and incredible personality of Grace VanderWaal. She obviously appears in the semifinals of the show to dazzle American viewers even more.