How long does it take to master the ukulele?

maîtriser le ukulélé
Are you passionate about music? Do you want to learn to play the ukulele? In case you're wondering how long it takes to learn and master all of the ukulele techniques, you should know that there are some important things to know. In addition to certain factors that will determine whether you will succeed in playing the ukulele in a few days or in a few months. Follow us for more details.

Your music experience: a precious help!

Since you have already played a musical instrument such as the piano or brass, it will obviously be easier to approach the ukulele and this will save you a lot of time. Indeed, the time taken by a regular to master the ukulele will not be the same as an absolute beginner in the world of music. For example, if you're already a musician, you won't have to worry about learning the rhythm.

The luckiest are obviously the guitarists. And for good reason, the guitar is very close to the ukulele. As a guitarist, you already control the place of your fingers on the neck, while knowing how to attack the strings precisely with your fingers. This can turn out to be an extraordinary time saver. What's more, we also use tablatures to play the ukulele, like on guitar. The effects and techniques are therefore the same. Of course, there are more strings on a guitar but the basics are there.

In theory, a musician will learn to play the ukulele 4 times faster, especially in less than a month. A guitarist just needs to get used to the distance of the frets and strings to master the ukulele. While beginners will take a few months to master the latter because they start from scratch.

A good motivation to save time

Knowing how to play the ukulele also means facing difficulties. Between the different techniques to master, the ukulele remains a simple instrument. You may get a little sore fingers at first, but you will get results very quickly. Motivation and passion are therefore key factors in order to master the ukulele. A good way to get motivated and have fun is to learn to play a piece of music you love. And this, gradually and logically in a few weeks. The more motivated you are, the more you will actually get to play even more. And the more you play, the faster you will master and save precious time. After that, you have to be patient, everything will not come right away but the key is to play regularly every day (10-15 minutes every day) and not to worry if it does not work at the start. We don't realize it, but every day we make micro-progress and in the end, we progressively step through the stages. So no stress if you do not arrive at the start, the key is to continue quietly without taking the lead!

The objective

If you want to play right away, you will need a few weeks of practice for an appreciable result. Then a few months so that everything is fluid. On the other hand, if you aim for a more advanced level, you need at a normal rate one to two years of work. Simply put, if you just want to play chords and sing over your ukulele, simple rhythms will do the trick. The equivalent of a few weeks to fully understand the mechanism and synchronize your voice with your instrument. Fluidity and ease will come after a few months of practice. For the higher level with arpeggios, percussion on the ukulele and fingerstyle, you will need years of practice. But what a joy to play the ukulele. If you want to learn ukulele, you can follow our tutorials on the Upa Upa Tahiti YouTube channel!



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