Julia Nunes and the ukulele

Ukulélé, Julia Nunes
The ukulele, this musical instrument of Hawaiian origin, is the favorite of many stars. For some artists like Julia Nunes, it is the instrument itself that is at the heart of their art.

Who is she ?

Julia Nunes (pronounced "nounz"), was born January 3, 1989 in Fairport, New York. The New York-born singer is one of the world's most renowned ukulele players today. Julia Nunes became known for the great success she had managed to achieve on the Internet. Indeed, it has attracted the attention of the general public through its presence on the MySpace site and especially on YouTube. It is on the latter that she will succeed in demonstrating her talent on the ukulele and singing with her remarkable voice, by posting videos of covers of songs (covers) or her songs that she has composed herself.

Her beginnings in music and the ukulele

The radiant Julia Nunes has been able to express her talent and her art since her early childhood. Indeed, the singer from Fairport is part of a musical family. She is therefore well surrounded and has been able to draw inspiration from her father, who is both a pianist and a composer of songs for children. Julia Nunes’s grandparents are no exception, for while one of her grandfathers was a former jazz pianist, the other was a Portuguese music composer.

Julia Nunes then lived in an environment where music was more of a passion, and she began taking piano lessons at the age of seven. It was during her teenage years that she decided to play the guitar. Julia Nunes began writing her own songs at a young age of 14, and it was in 2005 (at the age of 16) that she took up the ukulele. Melodica is also one of the musical instruments that Julia Nunes played during her childhood.

Julia Nunes on YouTube

Julia Nunes, with her ukulele, rose to fame on YouTube, where she posted her own original songs, as well as her covers. Active on the platform since March 2006, she is now followed by over 229,000 people on the platform and her fans around the world. So it's on YouTube that the fabulous Julia Nunes demonstrates her talent for playing the ukulele, with her very distinguished voice, and her poignant lyrics that are thought provoking.


The ukulele prodigy has been able to release 6 albums so far, namely:

  • “Left Right Wrong” (12 songs), in 2007;
  • “I Wrote These” (19 songs in total), in 2008;
  • “I Think You Know”, in 2010;
  • “Settle Down” (18 songs), in 2012;
  • “Some Feelings” (11 songs), in 2015;
  • “UGHWOW” (6 songs), in 2019.

All of Julia Nunes’s albums have been released under the same Rude Butler Music label, with the exception of her fourth album “Settle Down”, produced under the Mordomo Records label. Apart from these albums, Nunes also had great success for her covers of songs, which she posted on Youtube.

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