Karlie G, ukulele virtuoso

Karlie G
Karlie G is what you might call (not without exaggeration) a virtuoso on the ukelele. The young artist has, despite her age, already won many prestigious competitions. His extraordinary career testifies to his great talent. At 18, Karlie is already known as an award-winning singer-songwriter. She stands out for her ability to immerse herself in tradition while evolving and enriching her musical style. Currently, the talented Hawaiian is best known for her mainstream pop and R&B style that perfectly integrates the ukulele.

Mainstream pop and R&B style in which the ukulele is in the spotlight

Like many artists from Hawaii, Karlie G was introduced to and trained in the ukulele from a young age. However, the young girl very quickly stood out from the crowd as her talent immediately showed itself as soon as she learned to tame the small four-string instrument. The fact that she won several competitions (international ukulele competition, Duke's Ukes, Brown Bags to Stardom and others), years later, testifies to this exceptional artistic fiber.

The ukulele is for Karlie the instrument that best symbolizes her native land and her rich musical culture. The young musician loves to immerse herself in tradition and does not hesitate to show it through her works. However, as an artist, she also believes that it is by developing her art that she can really introduce it. It was this vision that led the beautiful Hawaiian to venture to new horizons.

In 2016, Karlie released "Till The End", her EP through which we can immediately see this desire to combine the traditional and the modern style. The original compositions that make up this work highlight a style of mainstream pop and R&B in which the sound of the ukulele is at the heart of the arrangements. The vibrant sound blends seamlessly with the artist's unique and moving voice. But if there's another trait that characterizes the young woman's creations, it's their words. Karlie knows how to choose words to describe emotional situations that everyone can relate to. His talent for writing has earned him the title of semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition. She also won the Hawaii Book & Music Festival songwriting competition in 2018.

The album "Have Fun", released in 2018, confirms the trend. This time around Karlie took the time to deepen her style. An approach that has proven to be very judicious since the album received the Na Hoku Hanohano 2019 (Hawaii's Grammy Awards) for "R&B Album of the Year".

A booming artistic career

Karlie G's gamble to integrate the ukulele into a unique style of mainstream pop and R&B has been a resounding success. His passion allowed him to quickly make a name for himself among the best. The future can only be bright for this rising ukulele star who never ceases to dazzle internet users. To discover urgently !

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