Taimane Gardner and the ukulele

Appearing towards the end of the 19th century, the ukulele is a traditional musical instrument of Polynesia. More and more popular, this small instrument has its place in the world of modern music. On the continents, the ukulele has more particularly known about it in addition to seducing many artists. Taimane Gardner, a renowned artist recognizes the ukulele as an instrument that can be combined very clearly with all types of music. Passionate, Taimane Gardner met the ukulele very early in her life. She even ranks among the best ukulele players on the planet. Follow us for more details.

Who is Taimane Gardner?

Taimane Gardner is a musician born February 13, 1989 in Honolulu. As noted above, this is an American artist and songwriter who discovered the ukulele at an early age. She herself recognizes the ukulele as the musical instrument that has made her all that she is today. Thanks to this small musical instrument, this artist is indeed one of the emblematic figures of the ukulele.

Little by little, Taimane Gardner begins to cling to this little instrument and cannot part with it. She began her artistic career in particular by getting into the habit of playing the ukulele in the streets. Which helped launch his career around the world. His original and somewhat unusual style allowed him to play all over the world. His booming popularity also gives him the opportunity to participate in all international ukulele festivals.

Taimane Gardner and the ukulele: a never-ending story!

Taimane Gardner is a 25-year-old artist, her story begins almost at the age of 5, when her father gives her the instrument that will change her life: the ukulele. Taimane Gardner begins more seriously to grind the little instrument relentlessly to improve day by day. She then met Don Ho at the age of 13, and the famous Hawaiian musician wasted no time in getting her to take part in one of his shows in Honolulu. This is how Taimane Gardner’s career was launched.

With her ukulele in hand, she leaves to play all over the world: in Las Vegas, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Samoa, France and other destinations. Taimane Gardner is also invited in front of renowned artists such as John Travolta, Steven Seagal, George Clooney and many more. Like her vision of the ukulele, this young artist's playing style is totally unique. She even plans to change the vision of the world on this small multi-faceted instrument. Not to mention the fact that Taimane Gardner is a great artist who wishes to mark the world of the ukulele both through her performances and her almost moving stage presence every time.


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