Upa Upa Tahiti is developing in New Zealand!

Sound Lounge Music Shop Kerikeri NZ
Upa Upa Tahiti makes its debut in the land of the long white cloud, a country that the young Tahitian ukulele brand is particularly fond of for several reasons explained in this article.

Upa Upa Tahiti ukuleles are coming to New Zealand!

Upa Upa Tahiti is pleased to announce its development in New Zealand in partnership with Cocozen, its exclusive representative.

New Zealand is the first international market developed by Upa Upa Tahiti. For the young Polynesian brand, the choice of New Zealand, the land of All Blacks and Kiwis, was obvious due to its cultural proximity.

Indeed, the links are strong and deep between French Polynesia and New Zealand because they are both parts of the Polynesian triangle and as such share the same origins and are part of the great family of Maoris, a people of adventurers and of navigators who conquered Polynesia. The languages ​​of New Zealand’s Tahitians and Maori are also very similar linguistically. André, the founder of Upa Upa Tahiti explains why the choice of New Zealand as the first export market:

“The choice of New Zealand was obvious in several ways in defining our first export market. Firstly, for a cultural reason, because New Zealand and French Polynesia have a common history given their Polynesian heritage. New Zealand is also the closest developed country to French Polynesia which is only a 5 hour flight away, so it's easy to travel to Auckland regularly for business or tourism. NZ is also a destination that I particularly like because Kiwis are lovely people with a vibrant and attractive culture. And finally, it is also our favorite destination for family vacations and fishing trips. We love having a good time in the Northland area, especially in Kerikeri in the Bay of Islands where our friends live. "

The launch of Upa Upa Tahiti in Aotearoa, the land of the long white cloud is the result of a long process of reflection, construction of an offer adapted to the tastes of New Zealanders and the start of the development of the brand in international. In the future, the brand will offer new models for the New Zealand market and meet the needs and expectations of New Zealand musicians.

The Sound Lounge, the first music store opened in Kerikeri, Northland

Its first open market internationally, in the Pacific region, Upa Upa Tahiti, a brand with claimed Tahitian identity, is now present in the independent music store "The Sound Lounge" in Kerikeri, north of Auckland, in New Zealand !

From now on, we can find at the store "The Sound Lounge" 4 models that the Tahitian brand offers: the Soprano Fakarava, the Soprano Nuku-Hiva, the Rurutu Concert and the Raivavae Concert ukulele, our novelty which is making its debut! Raivavae is a magnificent concert ukulele in Koa, enough to party during the next vacation! The video of the ukuleles in the shop is available here.

And for those who live in French Polynesia, we reassure you, we haven't forgotten you! All our novelties will soon be online or directly at Natural Shop Tahiti, shopping district in Papeete. Surprises await you!



    Rurutu 1

    Concert Rurutu


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