What are the best-known Tahitian pieces of ukulele?

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The ukulele is an inseparable part of the daily life of the inhabitants of Polynesia. All Polynesians play ukulele, it is the musical instrument par excellence in our sweet islands. In this article, Upa Upa Tahiti invites you to discover three famous Tahitian songs!

Pahoho by Te Ava Piti

Te Ava Piti is a Polynesian music group which was born in the early 1990s, it is very well known in French Polynesia and in the South Pacific. The group takes its name from the Te Ava Piti pass at Raiatea in the archipelago of leeward islands.

It was the song "Pahoho" that immediately launched the group with the recognizable sound of the eight-string ukulele from Vehia Paraue and these sweet lyrics that transport you directly to French Polynesia. This song has become one of the best known of the Polynesian song.

The group was very successful in the 90s and participated in numerous festivals in Europe, Denmark, England and Norway. From 1992 to today, Te Ava Piti has released a dozen albums. In 2012, unfortunately, the singer and great player of eight-string ukulele Vehia Paraue died. In 2013, however, released a last album in homage to Vehia entitled "Vehia, To Mato'u Hoa Here". No album has been released since since several members of the group have since died, including Emile Sham Koua and Alphonse Vanfau.

One thing is certain, Te Ava Piti remains a very popular group in French Polynesia and their magic sound will remain in our hearts for a long time!

Tehere by Sabrina Laughlin

Sabrina Laughlin was born in Tahiti and is a true star of Tahitian ukulele music. One of her most famous songs is called "Tehere". This magnificent song very well known in Tahiti incorporates beautiful chords associating ukulele and guitar. One thing is certain, we will be doing a ukulele tutorial on our YouTube channel in the coming months!

For the record, the song Tehere comes from a Polynesian legend who talks about the birth of Tahiti. Terehe was a very beautiful young woman who broke an ancient taboo by bathing in a river in Raiatea (in ancient times, the island was called Havai’i). To punish her, the Gods sent an eel from the depths of the ocean that swallowed Tehere and split Havai’i in two to give birth to Raiatea and Taha’a as we know them today. As for the eel, it has become Tahiti!

Hoe Ana by Eddie Lund

Hoe Ana, the song of the pirogues from the Pacific to the ukulele is one of the great classics of Polynesian music. This famous traditional song is nowadays played from Tahiti to the Cook Islands. It was released in the late 1950s and was composed by Eddie Lund, an American who fell in love with our islands! As we say here, it was stung at Tiare. After settling permanently on Fenua, he set up his very popular music group "The Tahitians", far beyond the borders of French Polynesia to the United States and France.


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