Ukulélé, Ayano Tsuji

Wednesday 30 September 2020

Ayano Tsuji and the ukulele

While the Japanese music industry is largely dominated by J-pop, a genre of music in which one would hardly ever suspect the use of a ukulele, one artist is the exception. It is Ayano Tsuji, a Japanese performer and composer who combines J-pop and ukulele, and who fascinates with her mastery of the instrument. Read more
makaha sons of niihau

Friday 25 September 2020

Do you know Makaha Sons of Ni'ihau?

In the world of music, certain groups will always stand out from others because they have left their mark on the musical history of an entire country and, sometimes even, that of the world. This is the case of the group "Makaha Sons of Ni'ihau" or "Mahaka Sons". Read more
banjo vs ukulele

Friday 18 September 2020

What is the difference between a banjo and a ukulele?

The banjo and the ukulele are both akin to revisited versions of the guitar. At first glance, the two stringed instruments are quite easy to distinguish one from the other. However, you can quickly get confused when you don't know the specific characteristics of each instrument. Some might even believe that the two pieces of equipment are quite similar in that they can be combined to form a single instrument: the “banjo-ukulele” or “banjolele”. So what is it that really differentiates the banjo from the ukulele? Read more
Ukulélé, Julia Nunes

Thursday 10 September 2020

Julia Nunes and the ukulele

The ukulele, this musical instrument of Hawaiian origin, is the favorite of many stars. For some artists like Julia Nunes, it is the instrument itself that is at the heart of their art. Read more
Sound Lounge Music Shop Kerikeri NZ

Wednesday 02 September 2020

Upa Upa Tahiti is developing in New Zealand!

Upa Upa Tahiti makes its debut in the land of the long white cloud, a country that the young Tahitian ukulele brand is particularly fond of for several reasons explained in this article. Read more
sophie madeleine

Friday 21 August 2020

Sophie Madeleine and the ukulele

With her folky music mixed with her crystalline voice, Sophie Madeleine is an artist who seduces a good number of people. The ukulele is an instrument she has always appreciated and which has contributed from afar to launch the career of the young singer. His tender and soothing music in particular captured the attention of his audience, which ensures that his songs never go unnoticed by their ears. With her ukulele in hand, no one can actually resist the music of Sophie Madeleine. Read more

Saturday 15 August 2020

Taimane Gardner and the ukulele

Appearing towards the end of the 19th century, the ukulele is a traditional musical instrument of Polynesia. More and more popular, this small instrument has its place in the world of modern music. On the continents, the ukulele has more particularly known about it in addition to seducing many artists. Taimane Gardner, a renowned artist recognizes the ukulele as an instrument that can be combined very clearly with all types of music. Passionate, Taimane Gardner met the ukulele very early in her life. She even ranks among the best ukulele players on the planet. Follow us for more details. Read more

Saturday 08 August 2020

Eddie Veder and the ukulele

The ukulele has always been one of Eddie Veder's favorite instruments. He was already playing it when he was still a member and guitarist of the American grunge band Pearl Jam. Along with the cencerro, harmonica, accordion and sitar, the small Hawaiian guitar even became a mainstay of his compositions when he joined the group Temple of The Dog. The ukulele is indeed heard in many titles of the latter. Eddie Veder has also dedicated an entire album to this musical instrument which has always fascinated him. Read more

Sunday 02 August 2020

Taylor Swift and the ukulele

With 35 Grammy nominations and 10 awards she has won, Taylor Swift is currently one of the greatest artists on the planet. In fact, the award for "Best Solo Performance" she recently received at the NME Awards is another testament to her exceptional musical talent.
His reputation is therefore well established in the world of showbiz. However, although his hits are no secret to his fans, very few know that the American star has always had a keen interest in the ukulele. She is even very skilled with this musical instrument. Read more
différence ukulele et guitare

Friday 31 July 2020

What is the difference between a ukulele and a guitar?

The ukulele and the guitar are both plucked string instruments. Seen from a distance, one seems to look exactly like the other. Their operation is, moreover, based on the same principle: the sound is produced thanks to the vibration of the strings and is then amplified in the resonance chamber.
The resemblance is quite logical when you consider that the ukulele is, in reality, the little brother of the guitar. However, despite their fairly similar appearance, the two instruments each have their own specificities. If you've always asked yourself the big question: what makes the guitar different from the ukulele (and vice versa)? This article should interest you.
Read more