Upa Upa Tahiti presents the portrait of Dominique BARROT from Narbonne in Aude, France. A big fan of ukulele and French Polynesia! He has traveled to Tahiti and her islands and keeps an unforgettable memory of his stay in Polynesia. An enriching encounter with this colorful character!
Prefered ukulele

Ia Ora Na Dominique, can you tell us about yourself, your region and your background?

Ia Ora Na, my name is Dominique Barrot, I was born in January 1969 in Narbonne in the Aude in France where I spent my childhood and my youth. I have studied auto mechanics and maintenance of automated mechanical services. During this period I played football, rugby, athletics and pétanque. In 1989, I did my military service at Salon de Provence, Dijon and Narbonne in the air force, at the end of this year I left for work in the Paris region where I returned to the SNCF and I become a train driver! I still am to this day. After 15 years, a transfer allows me to return to my region of origin. I have been running for over 25 years in competition (25 marathons, a 100 km different races and trails). I became a race leader in the 2000s and I joined the courses of a cafe theater in Narbonne, the frosted lemon. This will be followed by the creation of a piece co-written with 3 stooges that we will play for 4 years with an evocative title "Wind of madness in psychiatry". Based in Carcassonne, I share with my wife the passion for rugby which is part of the local culture. In December 2014, I realized my dream, a trip to Polynesia! Come to Tahiti and spend a Christmas at the beach! Having never practiced any instrument before, I bring a Polynesian ukulele bought in the port of Papeete.

How did you get the passion for humor and the ukulele?

For humor, I think  I was served genetically with my father and my grandfather! But also by the great french actors such as Fernandel, Bourvil and Louis de Funès, among the comedians, there is obviously Coluche and closer to us Élie Sémoun (I would interpret some of his sketches on stage, amateur of course) . I saw a very large number of comedians on stage, I am also a fan of Yves Édouard Malakai (rugby player too)

For the ukulele, I planned to bring one from Polynesia. I have a few instruments without ever having taken the time to learn how to use them. Some time after my return from Polynesia I decided to write a comedy show on this magical journey and to include music in the ukulele. Not finding a teacher to teach me this instrument, I turn to the internet and YouTube or I get in touch with a lot of people who will advise me. This is a new passion that will be born with the ukulele! I make some amateur videos on YouTube with the title: learning Polynesian Ukulele.

What memories do you keep of your stay in French Polynesia? Can you tell us what you liked the most?

I keep the whole of my trip as an exceptional souvenir, from Taravao, Pointe Vivish, Matira Beach to Toahotu, Huahine, Raiatea, Bora Bora, Maupiti and Moorea. The meeting with Polynesians, plants, fruits, food, Hinano and especially dance and music. I wrote in a notebook the story of my daily newspaper for this month of December 2014. When the one man show that I wrote will see the light of day it will allow me to relive this trip.

As far as I know, I must be the only train driver to work with floral shirts! With my wife we ​​manage to grow Tiare, the smell is bewitching. Difficult for me to leave a very precise moment of what I liked the most. But to conclude, I did not get a tattoo, but in return I contracted the chikungunya virus !!! I felt the first pains the day before my departure, it remains an unforgettable memory !!!

Can you tell us about your musical inspirations?

I like different styles of music, from French song, Cabrel, Lavilliers, Renaud, Brassens, Brel, Cali, after that goes from international rock to reggae !!! I also discovered the Polynesian music of Te Ava Piti and Teiva LC and its wonderful Te ​​nehenehe o te natura

What is your favorite piece of ukulele?

I discovered Te Ava Piti, with Pahoho, during a meeting on a visit around Taaha with the Tahitian tattoo artist Patu Mamatui with whom I spent an unforgettable day, who was there as a tourist with his ukulele. Souvenir of a game of pétanque on the motu Atger. I would add the song Te pua noa noa which is magnificent.

One last question for the road, who is your favorite artist?

I would say Francis Cabrel that I listen to since very young and who still today continues to make magnificent songs.

To conclude, I think the ukulele is the perfect instrument to start music. It is very accessible financially and its learning quite easy. A little envy and off you go to make a BRINGUE !!!