Eudoxie Hinarava FAUA

Upa Upa Tahiti presents the portrait of Eudoxie FAUA, a young Polynesian, fan of ukulele who has just returned from Quebec to find her native island and her family.
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Ia Ora Na Eudoxie, can you tell us about yourself and your background?

Ia Ora Na! My name is Eudoxie Hinarava Faua, I am 23 years old and I come straight from Canada where I studied. I lived there for 5 years and today I think it was time for me to return. I am a designer by training but I have always been attracted to music, I grew up in a typically Polynesian family. Music is part of our life, my father is a musician and I believe that my passion for music comes from him. Sometimes in the morning at breakfast time, we sometimes just take the ukulele next door and have jam sessions while eating! Same thing for the family, we can make the bruising until no time.

You lived several years in Montreal, can you tell us about your life there? What did you love about our Canadian friends?

It is sure that it is completely different from the life that we know of the islands, it is very dynamic. There are many things to do, Montreal is a student city, you discover new things every day. There is also adaptation, personally I think I have integrated well, I would say that the most difficult is winter, the cold.

But it's an experience to live. This is also why I started to learn ukulele. I was looking for a way to feel like "at home", to warm my heart and music was a real antidepressant for me.

As in Quebec, we have a great musical culture in Polynesia and I find it important to keep and preserve it. In Quebec, I used to take my ukulele everywhere with me on weekends wherever we go, and share my joy of Tahitian music with others.

Quebecers are welcoming, a value from here that I surprisingly found there. They are also very nice. But what I liked the most I think is the open-mindedness they have and their charming accent of course. They love Tahiti and are very interested in Polynesian culture when we talk to them. This is something that I was able to share there. I have also kept in touch with my Canadian friends and I hope that I will see them again soon! 

Can you tell us who is your favorite Quebec artist?

So it's going to be hard to answer because I actually have three! Soran Dussaigne, Safia Nolin and Roxanne Bruneau. Artists of my generation with whom I associate by their texts and their style of music.

What is your favorite piece of ukulele?

I would say "Dream a little dream of me" and in a more local directory I would say "Te Anavai Ora"

One last question for the road, who is your favorite Polynesian artist?

I really like Eto which I discovered in Canada, especially with "Parataito" and Pepena which I listen to since my adolescence. In the emblematic artists of the Polynesian culture I would say Bobby Holcomb for his love for the Polynesian culture that we find in his art and his music.