Moorea Upa Upa Tahiti

Monday 05 July 2021

Head to Moorea, an island filled with legends and beautiful landscapes!

Moorea, a neighboring island of Tahiti, is full of places and stories to discover. Quite wild, at times you even think you are in the countryside and the lush, green nature allows you to fill up with energy. Moorea is home to nearly 18,000 inhabitants for an area of ​​134km2. It is located 17km northwest of Tahiti, hence its name "sister island". We wanted to tell you a little more about this pretty little island after which we named one of our ukuleles, the "Moo" (link to the product page) which means "lizard" in Tahitian, hence the beautiful patterns that decorate it. Between history, anecdotes, tips and legend, let's go on a colorful trip to Moorea!

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